The Humans are Dead

Affirmative. I poked one, and it was dead.

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I poked [the human]; and it was dead.

- The Humans Are Dead, by Flight of the Conchords

My name is Aelfrita. I am twenty three years old, and living in Berkeley, California. I am a college student (a theatre major, to be exact). I do all aspects of technical theatre, but I favour dramaturgy and hair/makeup/costume design. Theatre is my life (pardon the cliche). It pays the bills, puts my oh-so-yummy vegetarian food in my tummy, and downloads more classic rock for my iPod. I'm also fairly politically driven, and I identify with the Libertarian party.
I knit (like, a lot).
In those times when I'm not doing theatre, I enjoy reading, going to coffee, sketching, attempting to improve my photography, making graphics, knitting, and movies. I really love movies. I'll watch anything at least once.
In terms of sports and being active, I shoot archery, firearms, and pool. I also fence, and study the rapier.
I'm a geek, and, as such, I have my fandoms. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, How I met Your Mother, the Tenth Kingdom, Gilmore Girls, WizRock, Criminal Minds, CSI:LV, and classic horror films, to name a few.
Although I am a fangirl, and do a lot of theatre, I don't overwhelm my posts with information about either. Yes, they appear, but I won't eat your friends page with them. Typically, my journal consists of anecdotes of interesting things that happen during my day, or funny quotes I hear. I am typically sarcastic, often offensive, and sometimes sincere with a dash of "loopy". I ask my readers to please be mature enough to handle that.
My journal is, of course, friends only, but I am always looking for fun, smart, and interesting new people to add. Don't be shy or modest, if you rock and want to be my friend, chances are, I want to be yours. I ask that before I add you, you leave a comment on my "friends only" post, so that I may learn something about you before adding.

My graphics journal is geekysaurus.

Ask for Team Morgan, and tell them ms_creant sent you!

I'm in Slytherin!


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